Authenticity debate invades K-pop

As I have mentioned before, the power of authenticity is drastically impacting relationships. Whether it is a face to face conversation or a social media post, authenticity almost universally makes you more likable. But it also goes beyond person to person relationships. 

Believe it or not, authenticity is also majorly shaping the music industry. Basically, the authenticity debate has so invaded our lives that it is now connected to music and can even influence how popular an artist gets. I have noticed that one genre in particular, K-pop, has been especially criticized for lack of authenticity.

On Wednesday morning, K-pop artist Chen from EXO-L was publicly criticized for taking too long to apologize for his mistakes. After sending an insincere, poorly worded letter about him having to leave the group EXO-L, his fans were upset and disappointed.

Likewise, others have criticized the genre as a whole for lacking authenticity. Some argue that the performance and music styles merely mimic Western music. Others complain that the Korean system of training performers to act a certain way prevents originality and overlooks artist imput completely.

However, there are some people who vehemently defend K-pop as an original work of art. Some claim that this system of training forces artists to work harder over the course of their entire lives to make it in the industry. Thus, their sincere effort is seen as genuine and admirable. 

Are K-pop performers truly authentic? I think it depends on the person you ask. What I do know is that authenticity is playing a huge role in how these artists are perceived. What do you think?

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